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"What a great team at R.B. Grove! Yacht Power Products has had an outstanding relationship with Grove for over 15 years. Their knowledge and technical expertise have helped us provide the excellent service our customers expect!"--Richard Lloyd, President, Yacht Power Products

Marine Climate Control

Webasto Marine Air Conditioning Webasto Marine air conditioning systems are making an impact with builders, designers and boat owners when it comes to comfort, convenience and value. Webasto systems are not just another option, but rather the best solution to A/C on-board:

Webasto BlueCool Classic Marine Air Conditioning (Click for PDF)

Webasto BlueCool Classic air conditioning systems provide fast, reliable air conditioning between one and three cabins for your boating comfort. These compact units have an impressive high cooling capacity, distribute cool air by a single unit, are simple to use, and dehumidify the cabins.

Webasto BlueCool Premium Marine Air Conditioning (Click for PDF)

Webasto BlueCool Premium air conditioning systems are ideal for large vessels with several cabins. The central cooling unit is installed in the engine room to save space. The quiet unit cools water and distributes it through piping systems to the heat exchangers installed in each cabin.

Webasto FCF Marine Air Conditioning (Click for PDF)

FCF is bound to make a splash in today's low-cost, yet high quality, vessel air conditioning market. With cooling output varying from 5,000 - 16,000 Btu capacity, this self-contained marine air conditioner features a soft-touch digital display and digital remote control.

Rotary-Aire Marine Air Conditioning QUICK, QUIET COOLING IN HOT WEATHER. WARMTH IN COLD WEATHER. Enjoy the luxury of a cool comfortable cabin in your boat even on the hottest summer day. Instant air conditioning at your fingertips - at a very affordable price. The Westerbeke Rotary-Aire Marine Climate Control System also allows you to warm the cabin with a push of a button. Perfect for warming a cabin on cool nights, or for those extreme spring and autumn temperature changes.
Rotary-Aire Marine Climate Control System (Click for PDF)
Rotary-Aire Marine Climate Control System
The Westerbeke Marine Climate Control System also acts as a very efficient dehumidifier; it can be set to automatically remove excess humidity from the cabin even when the boat is left closed up for long periods of time, eliminating the oppressive stickiness and damp mustiness common on boats.

A state-of-the-art system, it is remarkably quiet and efficient, designed to provide the boatowner with the ultimate in personal comfort.

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