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"One of our most popular fire-fighting options is a Darley KSW fire pump powered by a Westerbeke W70GA engine ... supplied by R.B. Grove. Their product knowledge and excellent support after the sale make my job much easier."--Kevin White, Boston Whaler Commercial Products

Diesel Fuel Polishing

LG-X Series Fuel Conditioners from Algae-X (Click for PDF)
LG-X Series Fuel Conditioners

Diesel fuel is naturally unstable. Its quality and chemistry are impacted by transportation and storage from refinery to user, by heat and pressure of engines, pumps and injectors and by water and microbial contaminates.

Fuel Polishing improves fuel quality by reducing the size and mass of fuel droplets, organic deposits on filters and sludge in tanks. Fuel Optimization enhances combustion, extends equipment life and lowers operating cost.

LG-X Series Fuel Conditioners
» Cleans Fuel Injection Systems
» Lowers Harmful Emissions
» Eliminates and Prevents Carbon Deposits
» Available in 1/4" to 2" NPT inlet/outlets

Fuel Polishing System FPS-500/FPS-750 from Algae-X (Click for PDF)
Fuel Polishing System FPS-500/FPS-750

Fuel Polishing System FPS-500/FPS-750

The FPS-500 and FPS-750 is a wall mounted fuel polishing system providing Optimal Fuel Quality for Peak Engine Performance. Integrating a Timer, 3-stage Filter and Magnetic Polisher, this system will maintain fuel in Pristine Condition!

FPS-500 Flow Rate 150 gph / 12/24 vdc
Tank size: <1000g

FPS-750 Flow Rate 210 gph / 110/230 vac
Tank size: <1300g

Portable Tank Cleaner Package TK-180-XT from Algae-X (Click for PDF)
Portable Tank Cleaner Package

Portable Tank Cleaner Package TK-180-XT

The TK-180 XT is the complete packaged system for re-circulating, polishing and/or transferring diesel fuel and light oils in vessels, stand-by generators, trucks, buses, agricultural and heavy equipment with up to 200 gallon (750 l) tanks.

The package includes a TK-180 portable tank cleaning system, specially designed spill tray/stand, hoses, filter, filter wrench, AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst and instruction manual; everything you need to start effectively and efficiently cleaning diesel fuels.

AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst from Algae-X (Click for PDF)
AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst

AFC-705 Fuel Catalyst

ALGAE-X™ Fuel Catalyst is a powerful full spectrum additive and tank cleaning agent. It provides superior fuel quality for engines and storage tanks, lowering operating cost, maintenance and downtime. AFC-705:

» Dissolves Tank Sludge anf Slime
» Eliminates Costly Tank Cleaning Expenses
» Preserves Integrity of Stored Fuel
» Improves Combustion
» Stabilizes Fuel
» Extends Injector Life
» Reduces Harmful Emissions

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